Why do we have such a special day as Mother’s Day? The actual observance of this day grew from a                                   modest beginning in 1872 as a day dedicated to peace.


On May 9. 1914 then President Woodrow Wilson signed a resolution of Congress commending its observance. The next year the President was authorized to declare Mother’s Day as a day of national observance, and it has been a national custom to this day.

Honoring of moms is not of man, but of God. We honor mothers, not because of a resolution, but because of a divine teaching. We honor mothers, not just one day of the year, but throughout the year. 

Honor thy father and thy mother….Exodus 20:12

She is clothed with strength and dignity,
    and she laughs without fear of the future.

When she speaks, her words are wise,
    and she gives instructions with kindness. ...
Proverbs 31:25-26

Please find the resources below to help you in honoring your mom. 

LifeMission Kids

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Mothers Day Quick Tips: 

1. Dads, Take a picture of your kids with their mom. ( Mom is usually the one behind the camera, not in the picture)

2. Whatever mom usually does, give her the day off on Mothers Day.

3. Homemade is better than store bought; moms love stuff their kids make.

4. Dads, burnt toast made by kids is precious. Burnt toast prepared and served by you isn't precious.

5. Buy or make a card right now..don't wait until it's to late. 

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